Kalles Kaffe is the biggest supplier of mobile barista service in Denmark.

Our main objective is to spread the availability of sustainable quality coffee, to people on the go and at events. Therefore, our products are of the highest quality, all ranging from our coffee beans to our espresso machines.

Coffee and milk are the main ingredients on our menu card, so we highly value our collaboration with local roastery, Copenhagen Coffee Lab, and the ecological dairy, Naturmælk.

At Kalles Kaffe, we aim to operate sustainably and with respect for our surrounding environment, and will gladly contribute to charity events. Throughout the years we have been involved with charities including: Kids Aid, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, Sjældne Diagnoser, Røde Kors (Red Cross), Knæk Cancer, Soldaterløbet and ECCO Walkathon.

As a company, our decision-making is characterized by our willingness to take on any challenge. We depend on our satisfied customers and business partners, and will rarely turn down a job. We go far to meet our customers and clients needs, we are professional and always available for a chat.

Two baristas serving coffee from a coffee scooter - Kalles Kaffe


Our CEO, Jacob Karlsen – also known as Kalle, started Kalles Kaffe in 2009. The inspiration for Kalles Kaffe came on a trip to London, where Kalle noticed coffee scooters driving around London, offering freshly brewed coffee to the people passing by.

At home, in Denmark, the coffee culture was changing at a fast pace, and the to-go cup, had become a permanent accessory for modern individuals.

Kalle, being a true entrepreneur, seized the opportunity. He bought his first Piaggio scooter and began driving around Copenhagen to sell coffee to people on the go, and to analyse when and where people wanted to buy coffee.

Today, Kalles Kaffe has a team of 75 baristas and 25 mobile units, including 12 coffee scooters, 5 coffee bikes, 2 sales trailers and 1 custom-made Citroën HY, all touring Denmark to serve coffee at fairs, events, parties, companies and to people on the go. Furthermore our range includes a beer scooter, 3 icecream bikes and an icecream truck.

We provide in-house training to all of our baristas, ensuring that they serve up an unforgettable cup of coffee, at any event. Kalles Kaffe guarantees the highest quality in a professional and charming setting.

Kalle in front of two coffee mopeds - Kalles Kaffe


Kalles Kaffe operates on both the B2C and B2B market, offering coffee and hot beverages from mobile coffee bars at events and street vending.

The purpose of Kalles Kaffe is to spread the availability of excellent coffee to people on the go. We only use sustainable quality products, and are focused on service throughout the entire organization.

Our goal is to always satisfy our customers needs, and to give them the best coffee experience possible, in order to maintain our position as market leader for mobile barista service.


Kalles Kaffe wants to maintain the position as market leader on the market for mobile barista service, at events and street trade in Denmark.

We want to be the costumers first choice, and we want to be positioned as the most professional and trustworthy player on the market.

We will create value for customer and collaborators through our 4 core values; service, flexibility, sustainability and quality.