Our charming range of coffee carts and mobile coffee bars come with our standard assortment which include our own organic coffee, David Rio Chai, Clippers organic tea and Blömbooms organic hot chocolate. If you wish for an extended menu this is possible too.


Kalles Kaffe never compromise on quality. Our own "Kalles" coffee comes from Fraijanes, Gautemala.

The beans gives a pure cup of coffee with spicy aromas, the body of the bean is moderate, well balanced and round. The flavours are characterized by apples and a deep aftertaste of chocolate.

The coffee is roasted by the local roastery, Copenhagen Coffee Lab, which has marked itself as one of the best roasteries in the country, with a nomination for Copenhagen’s best coffee in 2014 (Byens Bedste) and attendance to several national and international coffee competitions.

René Redzepi, owner of Noma awarded worlds best restaurant 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014 recommends Copenhagen Coffee Lab in the Telegraph.

The coffee beans are carefully selected to fit the challenges we face operating in changing environments. Coffee is an organic entity, and it gets highly affected by the surrounding environment, which demands a lot from our coffee beans as well as our baristas.

Coffee beans poured from the roaster to the cooler - Copenhagen Coffee Lab - Kalles Kaffe


The milk we use is biodynamic "Café Milk" from Danish organic dairy, Naturmælk.

The milk is specially developed for barisatas, and is produced in a unique way, in which the natural protein in the milk is preserved at a steady level.

The result is a milk that has the same velvety and creamy consistency as whole milk, despite a low fat content of only 1.5 %.

Barista pours organic milk in a caffe latte - Kalles Kaffe